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  • In Mr. Forman’s Physics Science class, he listened to instruction on Newton’s Law. By 10:00 am he was learning about inertia, how force changes motion, mass and velocity. The discussion quickly changed in the cafeteria from momentum in physics to the question of “How many days until you get your driver’s license?” This experience was fun, and also important. Superintendent Fleenor commented, “I want to see what it’s like to be a 10th grade student today. I want to know what their day is like.” Mr. Fleenor embarked on this mission to understand what goes on in the classroom from the perspective of a student. “I have a new sense of empathy from the student perspective. This was a quick lesson when when I realized I would probably not pass Mr. Savage's geometry test” said Fleenor. He will reflect upon his observations and use a wider lens as he looks for opportunities to improve the way kids learn best. "This experience will make me a better leader." The day certainly validated what we already know, that Lakewood Public Schools staff and educators are extraordinary. The passion and goal in our schools is clear, to bring the best out of every student, set high standards, support learning, and prepare every Lakewood student for success.

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  • The Shadow a Student Challenge is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and take new kinds of action at their school. Our free toolkit supports you through all four steps: Prep, Shadow, Reflect and Act.  For more information, visit





    Lakewood High School Shadow a Student Challenge

    Superintendent Fleenor found out just how rigorous a physical science class can be at Lakewood High School. He took the “Shadow A Student Challenge” by spending the entire day shadowing a 10th grade Viking. In mid-February, a student participated in a job shadow experience to understand what a day in the life of a superintendent looks like. Today, Mr. Fleenor turned it around and is walking in the shoes of a Lakewood student. He has immersed himself into the student experience from bus stop, to classroom, to lunch, and final bell.