Education of Homeless Students Notification


    Lakewood Public Schools will comply with the requirements of the McKinney-Vento law of 2001, which requires schools to provide a free education to homeless children in the district.

    A child will be considered homeless when they do not have a permanent residence that provides regular and adequate housing. This can be the result of a divorce, natural disaster (fire, flood, tornado, etc) or economic difficulty. Homeless students will have the right to participate in any programs offered to any other students in the district. Transportation will be provided. If the homeless situation causes the student to move to another district, Lakewood will work cooperatively with the other district to determine the best educational placement for the student. If it is determined that the best educational placement is to remain in the Lakewood School District, transportation services to and from school will be provided in some way.

    The state provides a small amount of funds to help families that may be temporarily homeless. If you are aware of a family that is in need of food, temporary shelter, clothing, or medicine, please notify:

    Homeless Liaison, Lakewood Public Schools
    223 W. Broadway, Woodland, MI 48897