Pesticide Notification

Pesticide Notification



    As a part of the Lakewood Public School District’s pest management program, our buildings are inspected on a monthly basis by Rose Exterminator Group. When inspection indicates an active pest infestation or conditions conducive to pests, insecticides may be applied to any location on the property with emphasis in the following areas:  Boiler room; Break room; Cafeteria; Exterior perimeters; Janitors Closets; Kitchen; Mechanical rooms, Restrooms and Storerooms.


    These inspections are made on the following monthly schedule:

    1st Tuesday of Month                          Lakewood HS

    2nd Tuesday of Month                         Lakewood MS and Lakewood Early Education Center

    3rd Tuesday of Month                          Lakewood Elementary School


    You have the option to be sent a notification on a monthly basis prior to the scheduled inspection/application date for your child’s school. In certain emergencies, pesticides may be applied on an unscheduled day, but you will be provided notice following any such application. If you desire notification, please contact:

                                                                    Lakewood Public Schools

    Pesticide Notification

    223 W. Broadway

    Woodland, MI 48897