Instructional Consult Team Lakewood Elementary
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    Email: Cindy Trebian, Facilitator - Lakewood Elementary
    Email: Tiffany Kreager, Facilitator - Lakewood Early Childhood Center

    Lakewood Elementary ICT Team Members
    Jody Pung, 1st Grade

    Kyndera Lee, 2nd Grade
    Kristi Langmiack, 3rd Grade
    Connie Betts, 4th Grade
    Sue Passero, Psychologist
    Brittany Germaine, Speech
    Kaitlynd Hamstra, Intern

    Lakewood Early Childhood ICT Team Members
    Keith Carpenter, Principal

    Suzy Flessner, Kindergarten
    Angela Coan, Kindergarten
    Michelle VanDuine, Resource

Instructional Consultation Team

  • What is an Instructional Consultation Team
    (IC Team)?

    An IC Team is a group of school professionals trained to support classroom teachers in applying best practices in instruction and assessment.  The purpose of the team is to create student success within the general education classroom by enhancing instructional support practices. 

    What is the purpose of the IC Team?

    The purpose is to enhance, improve, and increase student and staff performance. 

    Who makes up the IC Team?

    Each building’s team is made up of professional staff members.  General education teachers and support staff are represented.  Team members have received training in assessment and research-based practices.

    Who will be working with my child’s teachers?

    One member of the team will serve as the case manager.  The case manager will work side by side with your child’s teacher to complete assessments, create and implement interventions, and collect data on student progress.

    What is the IC Team process? 

    There are several stages involved:

    • Problem Identification and Instructional Assessment:  The teacher and case manager work together to define the concerns, complete instructional assessments with your child, and prioritize concerns.  Data is collected prior to designing an intervention and goals are set.
    • Intervention Design:  The teacher and case manager determine what intervention will be implemented, when it will occur in the school day, how often it will be done, and under what conditions.
    • Intervention Evaluation:  Data on the intervention is collected, recorded, and compared to student goals.
    • Review, Redesign, and/or Closure of the Case:  The teacher and case manager review the intervention and data.  They revise or retry the intervention if needed, or, if the goals are met and the teacher is comfortable, close the case.

    Each of these steps are taught and practiced within the building to maintain the integrity of the process. 

    What are the benefits of the IC Team process?

    Research has shown the following results:

    • Improves academic and behavioral achievement for all students within general education classrooms.
    • Provides a data-driven process for academic and behavioral intervention services for students.
    • Provides ongoing professional learning for staff in instruction, assessment, and collaborative problem solving.
    • Maximizes resources through coordinated, goal driven service delivery for students and teachers.
    • Recaptures resources by reducing the number of referrals for special education. 

    Is the IC Team process Special Education?

    The IC Team process is NOT Special Education.  It is a process for all students and their teachers who request additional assistance.

    Will the IC Team process result in a Special Education evaluation?

    The IC Team process often results in improved student performance and teacher satisfaction; however, on occasion an IC case will require interventions that are beyond the IC Team process.  When this occurs, the staff and parent(s) may decide to pursue a Special Education evaluation.  This evaluation, to identify a student as eligible for special education, may be requested in writing by a parent at any time.  All current data will be gathered and, if the data is showing reason to suspect a disability, testing will take place.  The Instructional Consultation process, should it not already be occurring, would begin within 7 days.

    What do children know about participating in the IC Team process?

    Children enjoy working with the teacher and case manager.  They know that the teacher and case manager are looking for their strengths and skills.