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Title Name Email Address
Principal Keith Carpenter carpenterk@lakewoodps.org
Secretary Janet Pennington penningtonj@lakewoodps.org
Receptionist Angela Reuter angelareuter@lakewoodps.org
Special Education Secrertary Caryn Love lovec@lakewoodps.org
ICT Brianne Teichmann brianneteichmann@lakewoodps.org
Behavioral Specialist Jamie Hickey jamiehickey@lakewoodps.org
Reading and Math Interventionist Jonelle McGinn jonellemcginn@lakewoodps.org
Reading and Math Interventionist Kimberly Schafer schaferk@lakewoodps.org
3rd Grade Matt Aldrich mattaldrich@lakewoodps.org
4th Grade Connie Betts bettsc@lakewoodps.org
Physical Education (1st Grade) Michelle Erickson ericksonm@lakewoodps.org
Resource Room Nancy Filter nancyfilter@lakewoodps.org
Fine Arts Beth Foltz foltzb@lakewoodps.org
2nd Grade Whitney Goodemoot whitneygoodemoot@lakewoodps.org
1st Grade Angela Hardy hardya@lakewoodps.org
3rd Grade Kristen Heinze heinzek@lakewoodps.org
3rd Grade Grace Horn gracehorn@lakewoodps.org
4th Grade Denise Karkau karkaud@lakewoodps.org
2nd Grade Lori Keiffer keifferl@lakewoodps.org
3rd Grade Kristi A.Langmaack langmaackka@lakewoodps.org
Technology Shirley McMillen mcmillens@lakewoodps.org
4th Grade Tammy Marriott tammymarriott@lakewoodps.org
Resource Room Mary Murray murraym@lakewoodps.org
4th Grade Ann Nichols nicholsa@lakewoodps.org

Lakewood Elementary Email Directory

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