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    Election Day is November 8, 2022.

    Send your questions regarding the bond proposal to LPSbond2022@lakewoodps.org

    Dear Lakewood Public Schools Families, Staff, and Community Members,

    Beginning in the Fall of 2021, work was undertaken to 1) refinance existing district school bond debt resulting in a savings of over $1.7 million in interest payments for taxpayers, 2) complete a comprehensive study of district facility needs, 3) collect feedback through open meetings and presentations to community groups and an independent survey of likely voters, and 4) form a project steering committee made up of staff, parents, and community members, who took all this information and presented to the Board of Education a comprehensive recommendation related to the immediate and future facility and program needs of the district.

    After carefully reviewing the recommendations, the Board unanimously supported moving forward with placing a $64 million bond proposal on the November 8, 2022 ballot. For the tax year 2021, which is paid in 2022, the LPS debt millage is 7 mills.  The debt millage rate will decrease for the tax year 2022, paid in 2023 during what is a transition period from the current bond debt and, if approved by voters, would return to 7 mills for the first fourteen years of the new bond debt before beginning to once again decrease for the remainder of the bond repayment. 

    The scope of projects in this bond proposal seeks to meet our needs in four critical ways:

    Safety & Security – We must secure our school buildings, especially their entrances, so individuals do not have access to hallways and classrooms without first passing through the school office.  Repairing and replacing the high school track, tennis courts and upgrading our schools’ accessibility for our disabled community members also create safer environments.

    Instruction – Students who are exposed to experiences that foster exploration, innovation, and collaboration gain a competitive advantage in post-secondary education and the workplace.  Creating flexible, developmentally and age-appropriate instructional spaces for our students and staff today and into the future is a focus of this proposal. 

    Fiscal Responsibility –Through bond programs, communities periodically have the choice to provide resources for new construction, renovation of existing buildings, updating critical infrastructure items that have reached the end of their life cycles, and/or more costly capital expenses such as school buses.  Without bond funds, these items would have to be purchased from the general fund eliminating instructional, arts, and athletic opportunities for students. 

    Community Engagement – The Lakewood Public Schools was formed to provide greater opportunities for the students of Clarksville, Lake Odessa, Sunfield, and Woodland than those communities could do so individually.  In doing so, we became the Lakewood community where, from east to west, north to south, youngest to oldest, our schools are the places where we come together to support one another intellectually, recreationally, and emotionally. 

    If you have a question, please visit www.lakewoodps.org/bond where you will find a more thorough description of the scope of projects included in the proposal, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and additional information.

    Steven C. Skalka, Superintendent