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Virtual Virtuoso

Mrs. Flessner needs to know that her at-home remote learners understand the concepts in her 9th grade biology course. So how does a teacher check for understanding with remote students when biology requires lab equipment like magnets, elements, and the like? Mrs. Flessner is putting the remote system to the test and slaying it. Picture this, her remote students are learning about the atomic structure of protons, neutrons, and electrons through simulations. Sharing her screen, using a document camera and dual monitors, Mrs. Flessner demonstrates moving electrons with a magnet. In lieu of biology labs in the classroom, demo labs are made available to her 29 remote learners. Mrs. Flessner, and all of our remote teachers are finding ways, choosing tools, and implementing effective strategies to ensure that remote learners are experiencing high quality instruction. Thank you, Mrs. Flessner, for your energy and for igniting the spark of learning in our students. Thank you to the Lakewood Educational Foundation for placing the extras in technology in the classroom, it's needed now more than ever. THIS IS LAKEWOOD.


Mrs. Flessner Lab Demonstration Biology Virtual Demonstration