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Supporting the Trades Lakewood High School Receives Generous Gift of Tools for the Trades

Baby Boomers occupy a sizable majority of skilled trades and vocational positions in our country and, as they retire, Lakewood High School will be positioned to help fill the gaps right here in our community, and beyond. Businesses in Lakewood will face the challenge of hiring skilled professionals as their workforce retires. Sadly, many school systems have moved away from industrial arts education. Lakewood has always recognized the importance of providing students with these invaluable skills and career opportunities. We are proud that our skilled trades programs are alive and well! For generations, Mr. Ackerson has developed quality programs and hands-on experiences aimed at getting young people interested in pursuing rewarding careers in the skilled trades field. They will be ready to fill the shortfalls locally, state-wide, and beyond. Innovative learning tools are needed to provide kids with the exposure to train for particular jobs. Recently, Lakewood High School received a generous donation from Architectural Metals Inc. of a powerful tool to help students take their woodworking projects to the next level. Their donation of a Kreg Router and Lift will help our students to create designs, patterns, and grooves for multiple projects. New technologies, equipment and tools will inspire and prepare students for the industry. We are grateful to Architectural Metals Inc. for providing students with more of the tools needed so that Lakewood students can succeed. We honor all of our local partners for their support.