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Introducing May, 2021 Circle of Excellence

The Lakewood Board of Education honored the newest members of the Lakewood Circle of Excellence. An impressive work by these students earned them their place among peers who have demonstrated a positive attitude toward learning and a willingness to work hard to achieve excellence. We are proud of of these motivated Vikings who are committed to tenacity and reaching for success. The May Circle of Excellence Members are: Ellie Fahrni, Emily Apsey, Bailey Bossenbroek, Madason Morelli, Luke Stoneman, Abigayle Mazurek, Hannah Pixley, Sophie Duits, Ellie Possehn, Thomas Wilkins, Hunter Yager, Jayme Perez, Oliver Beswick, Connor Shong, Heath Carter, and Martin Hollern, Brady Gawne, Jayce Hansen, and Jenna Wells. GO VIKINGS!