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Library for Learners

Lakewood Elementary Students Earned a Special Visit to the Lake Odessa Community Library Today, fourth graders were on a door to the world tour hosted by Lake Odessa Community Library. They earned their ticket to this culminating experienced hosted by Mr. Carpenter and Mrs. Homolka by completing all four book reviews for March is Reading Month. "Have your parents help you get your library card," Jennifer Salgat, Director said with a warm smile. Not only did our students get an exclusive tour filled with secrets from the library, they also got the inside scoop on how libraries operate. Finally a scavenger hunt was a reason to explore our local library in a fun way. Their visit wrapped up with a "hoppy spring" frog craft. How cool it was to see excitement and curiosity in our young readers. We are deeply appreciative to our educators, media specialists, and local libraries for endorsing our efforts to keep kids reading and partnering to provide a motivational reward. Visit the library!: THIS IS LAKEWOOD.

Valerie Behm