Although school is closed during the COVID-19 state of emergency, these days are not like “snow days."  Our number one priority must be the health and safety of all in our community. We must slow the advance of this virus which is why it is vitally important to distance ourselves from other people and events. While it is our intent to support families and students with resources and learning opportunities, these things are far behind the focus on health and safety. 

    Our teachers have been preparing on-line or at-home learning opportunities for enrichment and review for students to stay sharp during this time of school cancellations. It’s our hope that students will read, write, and review to continue growing as learners. The work is not required, but we believe it is beneficial for the continued progress of our students.

    As families evaluate how to keep their children safe and healthy while still learning, we have compiled resources to help families navigate these unique times.  On this page, parents can access academic resources to help your child stay on track while school is closed due to Covid-19.