KinderStart Student Life
  • The KinderStart program provides your child with a wonderful opportunity to work on their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills in a more developmentaly appropriate setting.  Children in this program learn best through self-directed, hands-on and open-ended learning experiences.

    Children are placed in this program for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are simply not ready for the demands placed on them by a traditional kindergarten classroom.   It acts as a bridge for children who need the gift of time--time that is essential to become more confident as they move to the next level of academic achievement.  Someimes the gift of time is literal, they don't quite fit the age cut-off for kindergarten, but have gotten all they can out of preschool.  But the great gift of KinderStart is that it provides a way for children to enter the school environment at different levels of social, emotional, and inter-personal maturity.

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