Ms. Kristin Heinze

  • Hi, LECC Vikings!  I teach the specials class called "Rainbow Room."  I see kindergarten and kinderstart classes three times per week.  In my class, we do music, visual art, and technology. I LOVE seeing our littlest Vikings' creative minds at work!!


    There is a Rainbow Distance Learning Packet in the students' bags they have picked up from school.  The PDF is also attached to this webpage.  Feel free to reach out to me by email at with any questions, or if your child would like to "talk." I would also love to see anything creative your child is doing during their time at home, whether it's a project from my packet or something they came up with all on their own! Please share pictures and/or video. It would brighten my day!  Please take care, and give those little Vikings an extra hug from me...I miss their smiling faces.

Ms. Heinze