Lakewood Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Early Childhood Students Classroom Math
  • Lakewood Early Childhood Center Pre-School Program

    A Michigan Department of Education Sponsored Program.

    This program is FREE to families in all of the Lakewood School district who qualify as a result of special circumstances related to any of the following conditions.

    Special Needs
    Speech or language delays, physical impairment, hearing or vision impairment

    Health or Medical
    Low birth weight, immaturity, nutritional deficiency, long term or chronic illness (parent or child; physical, mental or emotional)

    Family History or Difficulty With  
    Finances, housing, delinquency, education, substance abuse, single parenting, teenage parenting, incarcerated parent

    Other Factors
    Additional situations will be  considered


    An effective curriculum  provides an intentional set of activities and experiences which support students in reaching their greatest   potential by fostering growth and development in variety of areas.

    • Music and movement helps develop both sides of the brain and contributes to children’s social and emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.
    • When children engage in dramatic play they deepen their understanding of the world and develop social skills that serve them throughout their lives.
    • Creative arts is another language that children use to express what they know and how they feel in a visual form.
    • Literacy includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. These skills are developed through daily classroom activities and in weekly visits to the school’s library.
    • Sensory experiences challenge children’s minds and promote all areas of development.
    • Children learn to make sense of their world as they play with toys, games, and math  manipulatives that help them identify  attributes, categorize, and count.
    Lakewood Early Childhood Center
    223 W. Broadway
    Woodland, Michigan  48897

    Jodi Duits, Principal

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