•  Lakewood Preschool Programs 


    Ionia County is pleased to offer free preschool programs through the Great Start Readiness Program for students within the Lakewood District. This is a half-day 4 day a week program.

    Who is eligable for GSRP?

    This program is for children who will be 4 by December 1.   Children qualify based on individual family circumstances.

    To register your child  for this program

    GSRP Preschool Online Application

    Click here for a printable application 



    The Lakewood Early Childhood Special Education classroom is a safe and nurturing enviroment that builds self-esteem and positive social interactions. Through developmentally appropriate experiences, children are encouraged to reach their full potential. ECSE is a free preschool program for children ages 2 years 6 months to age 5. Your child's individual needs will be determined through an age appropriate developmental assessment. This assessment will determine if your child meets the criteria for the ECSE Program.

    Early childhood special education services is for students who have demonstrated delays in speech and language development, motor skills, behavior, coordination, vision and/or hearing. Health and medical conditions such as long term chronic illness (physical, mental or emotional). 


    Lakewood Kindergarten Programs 

    At Lakewood we offer two different options for students who are of Kindergarten age; turning five by September 1st.   

    We offer our traditional Kindergarten program as well as a Kinderstart, which many districts may refer to as Young Fives. Both of these programs are full day, five days a week.



    Kinderstart is a program designed to give your child the additional time and opportunities that they need to prepare them for the academic, social and emotional demands of Kindergarten. 

    Who is eligible for Kinderstart?
    Children of Kindergarten age (five by Sept. 1) who need additional time to grow and mature socially, emotionally and/or academically.



    Kindergarten is designed to meet the needs of a child who has demonstrated and expressed an interest in learning more tasks and eagerly performs these new tasks on an independent basis.  Generally, children who have been placed in a kindergarten classroom have had a previous school experience, are eager to learn, participate in the learning process, can listen attentively to directions, and show an interest in reading, writing, and number concepts.