Mrs. Stephanie Kutch

  • Distance Learning

    Distance Learning

    I have utilized Google Classroom this year and feel this is the best place to post my resources to connect and give feedback with my students. Your child will find ALL ELA assignments and resources for distance learning there.

    Your child has logged onto Google Classroom many times this school year. First, go to and then log in to his/her school email. Example:( Their password is the same as they use to login to the Chromebooks at school. If he/she has their agenda at home, check the inside front cover for their school email address and password.

    Preprinted packets of the same online resources are also available. Contact the middle school or myself if you would like a copy. You can either arrange a time to pick it up or we can have one mailed to you.

    Feel free to contact me directly with questions. As always, be safe, and enjoy the time you have with your family!

    Mrs. Kutch

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