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8th Grade Band

  • 8th Grade Band is the student's third year as part of Lakewood Bands and last year at the Middle School. We continue to dive deeper into the rhythm challenges and complexity of the ensemble pieces we perform. Students will spend the majority of their time together as a full band under the direction of Mrs. Mitchell and will have pull out sectionals or individual lessons with Mr. Noaeill throughout the year.

    This year we add a very important performance. The students will participate in the same concerts as last year, the Fall Concert, Holiday Concert, Pre-Festival Concert, and Spring Concert. Then, after the students perform at the Pre-Festival they go on to perform at MSBOA District Festival. At this performance, we will play our three concert pieces followed by a sight-reading selection. Once completed the students will be evaluated by the adjudicators to receive a rating.

    Like last year, students will get the opportunity to participate in singular MSBOA District events like Solo and Ensemble and Middle School Honors Band. The district performances are encouraged, but only optional.

    Then after we have completed the Spring Concert, Mr. Noaeill begins their marching band instruction to prepare them for what lies ahead at the High School.

    Just like in their 6th-grade year we work to educated students on much more than just musical ability. We like to train our band students to become a good person with great character. As always we do everything we do with integrity, community, and excellence in mind!