• Uploading Video’s Onlne - Tutorial Video https://youtu.be/E_e-Uzi4G6M 

    1. Log into your @Lakewoodps.org email 
    2. Click on the Apps icon at the top right-hand side of the screen
    3. Click on the Youtube App
    4. Once in youtube, click the Camera + icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Upload Video” 
    5. You can either click “select file” or drag the video in the window
    6. Add any details to the video 
    7. Click next 
    8. Skip the video elements page by clicking next
    9. I recommend you set your page to “Unlisted”. You can then share the link with students, staff or students. 
      1. Set it to the public if you want everyone to see it.
      2. Set it to Private until you are ready to share the video
      3. Schedule the video if needed
    10. Click Save

Yup, you can Podcast